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Technology is fun. As hardcore techies, we all think that. But to make working in technology really fun is not something you see very often. At DWG, we attach great value to the job satisfaction of our colleagues. This is why you work with your colleagues to achieve technical solutions for the coolest projects in very diverse markets. You can discover where your passion lies: in production, terminals, maritime, energy, infrastructure or industry. With us, you get all the space you need to excel in your natural habitat. As a result, you have the opportunity to learn something new every day. We have even set up our own DWG Academy.

Variation = inspiration

At DWG, you are not cooped up. You regularly go into the field to see how things are really going so you can then arrive at the best solution. The only reason we can guarantee our customers quality is because, as a professional, you can work with your colleagues from a completely different field. By bundling our knowledge, we are often involved in the entire process of a project so we can fully master it.

Also not unimportant: we have a table football game to pass balls, as well as time, we enjoy delicious bar snacks at our weekly Friday afternoon 5 o’clock club, and you can talk about anything except work with your colleagues during our pleasant staff outings.

What does a working day at DWG look like?

  • A safe and positive environment where we fully trust each other and where we are open and honest.
  • You are given all the space you need to express your creativity, passion and pleasure.
  • We get the best out of our people, and can see your talents, personality and achievements.
  • We communicate proactively, directly, honestly and transparently to help each other.
  • We aim for the highest possible customer satisfaction, and innovation is an important pillar in this respect.
  • We are flexible and adapt easily.
  • We are a decisive team that supports each other.

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