Process engineering

Our process engineering department designs completely new process installations (greenfield) as well as modifications to existing installations (brownfield). The latter in particular requires process engineers who have practical experience on the ground. And the DWG process engineers have plenty, thanks to their practical experience in production environments. In addition, as a process engineering department, we can take care of the commissioning and start-up of your plant or installation. We believe in the power of technology to make your life, as an end user, a lot easier.

Do you believe in that too? Meet DWG.


Process engineering applications

We continuously monitor what is required of us and what is needed. Our process engineering solution is completely tailored to your processes.

Feed studies

FEED stands for Front End Engineering Design. The basic concepts of an installation are devised in a FEED: basic engineering.


A PFD is a diagram showing the most important flows, controls and devices of a process.


A Piping & Instrumentation Diagram shows the functionality of the entire process schematically and worked out in detail.

Data sheets

In order to be able to order the equipment, the most important aspects are recorded in a process datasheet.

Water hammer calculations

In places where liquids are pumped, closing a valve or stopping a pump can cause a pressure peak (water hammer). We can predict those pressure peaks and advise you what to do.

Pressure drop calculations

We make global or detailed pressure drop calculations to find out which pipe diameters are required or which pressure is required to pump a certain amount of gas or liquid.

Process simulations

Before a process actually exists, or before an installation can be modified, a simulation simulates the behaviour of an installation.


The entire lifecycle of an installation is mapped out in the COMOS engineering platform; from concept to maintenance.

With mud still on our shoes

What makes DWG unique?

At DWG, we strongly believe that you can only really design if you know what it feels like to have your feet on the ground. And that you can only really optimise something when you’ve had a chance to get your hands dirty. What makes us unique? A large number of our engineers have worked at production companies. We apply our practical experience to our smart solutions every day. We never try to outwit our customers. You know your market best, and you know exactly where to put your finger on an issue.

We have completely mastered our disciplines. This unique composition of knowledge enables us to make a complete design for an installation. We rely on the help of innovative software such as aeShield (for process safety) and Siemens COMOS to better design, monitor and maintain the total lifecycle of an installation (total lifecycle of the assets).

For the customer, with the customer

Our approach

At DWG, we don’t throw in expensive words to convince you. We speak the same language as our customers, which makes it pleasant to work together. So nice that in some cases, we want to stay close. Our experts from the process engineering department are used to working at customers’ locations, temporarily, or for a longer period of time. Short lines of communication are important to ensure the process, from design to control and optimisation, runs as smoothly as possible. We can’t wait to talk about common mode rejection and absolute electrode potential. Just kidding.

COMOS engineering platform

Systems and techniques

Our process engineering department uses the COMOS engineering platform. In addition to engineering, the following issues can also be mapped seamlessly in the platform: MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), planning, organisation and operation).


Challenge accepted? So have we. Gladly. Are you not quite convinced, and would you still like to know what we can do for you? You are welcome to contact us using the contact form.

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