IT engineering

Our IT engineers put the cherry on the cake. Add the finishing touch. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. The… ok, we think you understand by now. The factory is set up, the installations are connected, and the software is working. But then it is up to our IT engineers to link the software systems so, for example, production orders can be processed automatically. Or planning and accounting can be merged. They also like to get their hands dirty developing dashboards that clearly display the big data from the process. All these insights help maintain and optimise your work processes.

Are you ready to outsmart every challenge, every bump? Get to know DWG.


Make IT work.

Our IT engineers have been specialists in application development, application integration, application maintenance and big data solutions for many years. Feast your eyes: in the overview on the right to see what we can do for you in the IT field.

Industrial apps

Industrial apps that we have implemented based on the Xamarin platform and native Android environment.

.NET applications

Our applications are built in the .NET platform.

IOT applications

We use IOT for additional measurements in the field related to, for example, energy management.

Terminal Management System.

Our terminal management system for tank terminals offers an optimal interface between process automation and administrative automation.


We have extensive experience in developing interfaces for linking our applications with third-party systems.

KPI dashboard

An enormous wealth of information is available in the databases of our systems. We create order to this using KPI dashboards.

ERP interfaces

Do you want to link our applications to ERP systems? We can do that.

SQL database

We store business-critical information in professional database systems such as Microsoft SQL Servers.

Big data analysis

We have now realised a number of big data applications. Consider, for example, the monitoring of nitrogen consumption in a tank terminal and the efficiency of a pumping station.

Short time-to-market, large efficiency

What makes DWG unique?

No new IT technology or application escapes the watchful eye of our IT engineers. This enables them to come up with the most innovative business solutions. Of course, we always take the mission critical nature of the project. We can quickly set up new projects at a rapid pace because we use previously realised frameworks. The advantage of this is that we can put our applications, dashboards and big data solutions into production faster. Good, right? We aim for a short time-to-market and increased overall efficiency.

We are in this together

Our approach

An IT person is no longer the technician who develops outstanding programs in his attic room. At least, our IT engineers are anything but that. They are happy to visit you and hear your story. We see you as a valuable part of our development team. And this is from the very first moment you join us and make decisions with us, which quickly translate into a Feature Backlog or Storyboard. Do we have a green light? Then we will work it all out in a detailed drawing, and then convert the schematic into a prototype. And then we’ll test it. We turn the prototype upside down, inside out, leave it out in the wind and bad weather to make sure it does what it should do: improve your work processes. The application will only be developed when we are convinced.

At DWG, we find it very important that you know exactly where you stand. And this is true at any time during the development process. You are always given an opportunity to provide feedback. But we’re not the kind of friend who always says “yes”, or is afraid to say “no”. Based on our knowledge and expertise, we will continue to provide you with advice about how to make the applications as user-friendly and effective as possible.

The language of the l... loyal IT engineer

Systems and techniques

In addition to Dutch, English and German (and the language of our customers), we can also speak:

  • Java
  • .NET C #
  • MVC
  • SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • C.S.S
  • HTML5
  • Angular JS

Challenge accepted? So have we. Gladly. Are you not quite convinced, and would you still like to know what we can do for you? You are welcome to contact us using the contact form.

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