Industrial automation

From down-time to up-time. From crisis situations to continuous performance. Our experts automate processes to optimise your production. At DWG, we turn human work into machine work to prevent mistakes and increase work efficiency. But your employees don’t need to be alarmed. Our automation processes are not there to take their jobs. They are there to ensure the best possible cooperation. This will ensure everyone reaps the benefits.

Our industrial automation department consists of specialists who design and realise PLC and SCADA systems. Every request, every bottleneck is different. This also applies to the solutions we offer. We tailor our solutions to your work processes so you can blindly trust the performance of your plant.

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Applications for technical automation

Our industrial automation department largely consists of Siemens experts who know the ropes. They know exactly what it is like to be in the working shoes of your employees.

PLC applications

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an electronic device with a microprocessor that automatically controls the process based on the information from measurement data.

Siemens PCS7 applications

SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System provides process automation for scalable, complex and primary processes in which fieldbus systems and other networks can be linked. In addition, it ensures a significant decrease in Total Cost of Ownership.

Honeywell applications

Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) is an automation platform for innovative software applications. Honeywell Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are used in process, business and asset management, and assist in the production process.

Siemens PCS7 Open OS

With SIMATIC PCS 7 OPEN OS, heterogeneous automation components from different manufacturers can be combined in one process visualisation system. This ensures the operator now has an unambiguous interface to work with. Very handy.

ABB applications

Freelance Distributed Control System (DCS) is a fully-distributed control system that combines the benefits of DCS and PLC, from a small PLC installation to a full DCS system.

Safety applications

Safety first. A safety application is an automation solution to guarantee the functional safety of a machine and/or plant, for people, the environment and the surrounding area.

Siemens Batch applications

A batch process is a production method in which a rounded quantity of a product is produced each time. SIMATIC Batch realises flexible and economical control of a plant in accordance with ISA 88 and 21 CFR Part 11.

Migration processes

According to a protocol, an automation system is converted to a higher version in both software and hardware. Cyber issues and incompatibility with new hardware components are prevented and new functionalities are added.

Siemens Route control applications

SIMATIC Route Control provides material transport through the plant. Routes are automatically aligned, tested and checked for contamination. SIMATIC Route Control can be integrated into SIMATIC Batch for transport between dynamically allocable Units. You can easily define all elements and follow the entire route.

Techies with empathy. It’s true.

What makes DWG unique?

We are proud of our automation experts. Rightly so, we think. Because each and every one of our DWG employees from the automation department has in-depth knowledge of the above applications. We also know that a hardcore techie is not often associated with empathy. But at DWG, technical knowledge and EQ go very well together. We listen carefully to your request, and tackle problems in a unique way. We understand the operators on your work floor and know how they will eventually work with an installation. This is because we like to go into the field and observe. We believe this is necessary to be able to deliver performance and really limit downtime.

Functional, technical, practical.

Our approach

You’ve already read it: before immediately going to the drawing board, we first investigate the best way the operator can perform his/her work. Only then do we start to develop a functional design. We ask you and ourselves the question: how is the installation used in practice? How will the installations work together effectively?

Completely happy? The technical design arises from the functional design. We use this design to determine which computers and automation components we will work with, where the installations will be placed, and how we will develop the software. The system is in place, so the moment of implementation has arrived. Of course, we test and test and test; everything has to be perfect, down to the smallest details. And then it’s time for the show. Take a seat and see how our experts implement the software in your company.

Industrial automation by Siemens experts

Systems and techniques

Automation ensures reliable and safe processes. Reliable and safe processes eliminate human errors. Can you feel it yet? The circle of life At the top of the chain are our Siemens experts who realise PLC and SCADA systems to keep your business running smoothly.


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