Functional safety

From potential technical and human failures, to a smooth and safe process. From worrying about potential hardware errors, to no longer having to worry about the operation of your installation. You are in safe hands with our process and functional safety engineers. We ensure your installation is protected against these types of errors and other environmental factors. An automatic safety system developed by us provides the magic. It also ensures the installations meet the highest legal safety standards. This means, we can ensure a healthy and safe balance between People, Profit and Planet. Play it safe. With DWG.

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Process Safety and Functional Safety applications

At DWG, we are perfectly fine-tuned to each other. Our process/functional safety department – part of our department process engineering – puts into practice what the process engineering department has designed. We only use the most advanced software and certified safety engineers who have experience on the ground (or in the styrene…)  and can help you to protect your processes, from A to Z. This means you will never have to worry about anything.

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) calculations

We estimate how reliable the safety functions are.

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) verifications

These calculations allow us to demonstrate that our instrumental protection meets the requirements of a certain SIL level.

Safety Requirement Specifications (SRS)

The safety functions must meet the requirements laid down in the SRS. We are committed to that.

Safety Instrumented Function (SIF)

These are factory airbags, so to speak. A SIF is a safety system that actively measures something. If the measurements are outside a predetermined value, the protection activates automatically.

ATEX zoning

If there are zones in a factory where there is a risk of explosions, we make sure we know where those zones are and work out how we can protect the devices inside them against the risks of an explosion.

All facing the same direction

What makes DWG unique?

Our process safety and functional safety engineers know how to handle numbers. But perhaps more importantly, they understand the impact of those numbers. Our people have also worked at production companies themselves, so they know how everything works in the workplace. Young engineers are also in the field in no time with a P&ID under their arm to record “as-built” situations.

This is what makes us unique. Our knowledge not only comes from books, but is also formed by a lot of practical experience. We know your ambitions. Your objectives. But also your concerns. And that’s why we speak the same language. And because we have many different disciplines at DWG under one roof (design, automation, security and maintenance), we can delight our customers with the most innovative and modern solutions.

You can hand the baton to us

Our approach

The process safety and functional safety department continues where the process engineeringdepartment left off. Once the process engineer has worked out the process, the process safety engineer has checked the safety processes (on the basis of HAZOP and LOPA), the functional safety engineer ensures the safety measures see the light of day. The safety measures are designed down to the smallest details. And when you agree, it is time to realise these great ideas. That’s when the fun starts.

Software for functional safety

Systems and techniques

The functional safety department uses the aeShield software program. Fun fact: did you know that DWG is a preferred aeShield supplier within the BeNeLux?

This software program allows us to design the complete process safety lifecycle of an installation, including all necessary safety measures.


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