Engineering services


Our consultancy department consists of experts who all have a technical background. They can therefore advise you on the basis of the content and work with you on the most complex issues, both for new and existing installations.

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Process engineering

The process engineering department is involved in lubricating your “machine”: we take care of both the design of new process installations (greenfield) and the optimisation of existing installations (brownfield).

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Process safety

Better safe than sorry. Prevent problems during safety audits, and ensure your installations continue to meet the highest safety standards. Our process safety department makes your installation future-proof by using advanced software and by making people understand the impact of numbers.

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Functional safety

Our functional safety department ensures that safety measures are designed and implemented. We keep the results from the safety analysis (HAZOP) on hand and translate them into practical solutions. The aim of everything we do is to limit risk as much as possible.

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Electrical engineering

Electricity is the driving force behind every machine in a factory. The task of our electrical engineering department is to design extremely robust electrical installations to start machines and keep them running.

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Industrial automation

Our experts automate processes to optimise your production. From down-time to up-time. From crisis situations to continuous performance. At DWG, we turn human work into machine work to prevent mistakes and increase work efficiency.

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IT engineering

The plant is in place, the installations are connected, and the software is working. It is then up to our IT engineers to link the software systems to one another. Consider, for example, the automatic processing of production orders or the amalgamation of planning and accounting.  

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Maintenance engineering

Once in a while, machines and installations have maintenance visits to check safety and efficiency. We provide our customers with advice about this, and we are experts in facilitating maintenance engineering.

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