Electrical engineering

Electricity is the driving force behind every machine in a factory. A machine without electricity is like a DWG employee without a great project. They cannot live without each other. The task of our electrical engineering department is to design extremely strong electrical installations to start and keep machines running. We will not shy away from any electrical engineering issue, however complex it may be. Our enthusiastic hardware engineers come up with a solution for both new and existing plants.

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Applications for a sustainable installation

Practical and theory are inextricably bound to one another at DWG. Our engineers know what it is like to be in the field, so they understand exactly where the bottlenecks lie. And even more important: what the best and most sustainable solution is. Our professionals are all seasoned engineers who can advise you in detail about the following applications.

Low-voltage installations

Our knowledge of low-voltage installations enables us to design the complete energy management of a plant.

Medium-voltage installations

With our knowledge of medium-voltage installations, we can design a complete energy management system for a plant.

Control panels

In addition to power electronics, a hardware engineer supports the design of the control panels and can also deliver a design.


All designed installation parts must eventually also be placed in a substation. We realise the complete construction and delivery of a suitable station, including all necessary utilities.

Lighting plans

Designing lighting plans is also part of a hardware engineer’s job description.

Cable calculations

Smart cable calculations are required to provide the entire plant with power.

Coordination of technical implementation

The designs are there, and they’ve been approved. Time to install the electrical installations. We provide intensive guidance in this.

Working harmoniously together

What makes DWG unique?

“No idea, you have to go to someone else for that”. You will never hear that from us. At DWG, we work with various disciplines under one roof, and that is where our strength lies. The electrical engineering department regularly visits the internal process engineeringdepartment and industrial automation, and vice versa. And it works. Because you can only achieve the best outcome if you are really attuned to each other. And outsmart misconceptions. Our mix and match of different knowledge areas also enables us to deal with any clashes or questions in no time.

And finally, an outstanding installation

Our approach

See, feel, experience. At DWG, we think it is important to go into the field on a regular basis to see how electrical installations are used in practice with our own eyes. With your current working method and expectations clearly in mind, we will start with a basic design. Are you satisfied? Then a detailed design follows. All the ins and outs will be made transparent and shared with you. Then it is really enjoyable. Under our intensive guidance, contractors get to work on producing and connecting the electrical installations. Of course, we want to make sure everything is working properly. We test the installations as if our lives depended on it. And make adjustments where necessary. If everything is to your liking, only then can we celebrate.

What does the hardware engineer work with?

Systems and techniques

Get to know our right hand. The Bonnie to our Clyde. The Tom to our Jerry. The salt to our pepper. You get it the idea… We rely on one of these two design programs to design all our electrical installations:

  • AutoCAD Electrical Designing electrical schematics, easily managing projects, reporting and communicating with the customer: it’s all possible in AutoCAD Electrical.
  • EPLAN A comparable software system is EPLAN. It focuses on optimising engineering processes, automation, efficiency and integration.

Challenge accepted? So have we. Gladly. Are you not quite convinced, and would you still like to know what we can do for you? You are welcome to contact us using the contact form.

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