Data-driven monitoring and optimisation of pumping stations in the municipality of Rotterdam

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Rotterdam has more than 40 pumping station districts. Monitoring and optimising these pumping stations is therefore quite a job. So how nice would it be if the measurements were automatic? Well, from now on, they are. With ProInf: the new KPI dashboard that we developed especially for the municipality of Rotterdam.

What is ProInf?

ProInf is a brand new web application with an ingenious KPI dashboard. Thanks to this dashboard, the municipality of Rotterdam can now monitor the performance of their pumping stations. The data is automatically retrieved from the operating systems of the pumping stations. This means experts within the municipality have easy and clear access to relevant statistics. Based on these statistics, they can perform the necessary analysis and determine which optimisation steps are required. Handy, eh?

How does a KPI dashboard work?

At which points do you want to visualise measurement results? You can determine this yourself based on the available KPIs. You can do this based on real-time information and even based on data from, for example, ten years ago. For example, employees at the municipality of Rotterdam can easily see at a glance whether the pumping stations are working properly, whether there is a data gap, what the flow is, and so on. In short: it’s all about data-driven working.

What are the advantages of such a KPI dashboard?

What are the advantages of such a KPI dashboard? 

A KPI dashboard such as ProInf is not only very clear and user-friendly; it offers many more advantages: 


  • Within the dashboard, various rights can be derived from the different roles within the municipality. This means both operators and analysts can get the correct measurement values on their screen. 
  • Because the KPI dashboard provides real-time information, you can respond immediately to processes that are not running properly. Moreover, the information is very reliable because the data comes directly from the pumping stations.
  • You can export all the measured values so you can perform many more calculations and analysis in Excel.  
  • All kinds of basic calculations are done within ProInf, so the reliability of the data is guaranteed. Collecting incorrect data is still worse than having no data at all. We worked in close consultation with the Municipality of Rotterdam to determine which basic calculations were indispensable. After all, they know best about how their systems work. 
  • You can also completely decide how the data is presented. Do you want it animated in 3D, or perhaps in augmented reality? Or do you prefer to stick to graphs and bar charts? It’s totally up to you. The Municipality of Rotterdam opted for a graphic display on a map. 
  • And last but not least: you can work super efficiently, because you only work with encrypted configuration data and reliable system measurements.

Working with the municipality of Rotterdam, we have already taken significant steps to create a dynamic dashboard. Would you like to go even further? For example, in the form of artificial intelligence? We will take on that challenge wholeheartedly. We know how to train a model based on historical data. As a result, we can address deviations in the data. We are also able to recognise patterns in data. This can be very interesting if you want to know in advance when a certain component needs maintenance. 

For the ProInf dashboard of the municipality of Rotterdam, all the data comes from one large data source. This is very handy of course, but we don’t shy away from situations in which multiple data sources are involved. It is a breeze for us to gather data from different sources and collect it in a data lake and data warehouse. What more can you ask for?

One step further

Do you also want to work in a data-driven way?

Would you like to take steps with data-driven working, and is such a KPI dashboard exactly what you’re looking for? Please feel free to contact us, and we’ll show you the possibilities.

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