COUNT Terminal Rotterdam

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The largest port and industrial complex in Europe is located in Rotterdam. For the techies among us, this is the Valhalla of terminals, containers, power plants and transhipment companies. One of those companies is COUNT Terminal Rotterdam: a multi-service company active in the storage and mixing of important renewable energy sources. Together with COUNT Terminal Rotterdam, we started a new project: the COUNT Terminal Automation system.

The COUNT Terminal Automation system

COUNT wanted to further expand their logistics activities. In practice, this means more work has to be done. And as you well know: where people work, mistakes can be made. To support the COUNT employees, and to prevent as many errors as possible, we developed an automated system together: COUNT Terminal Automation.

With the automated system, we created a solid foundation for the further expansion of the logistics activities. The system also supports the registration and reporting of truck loads (weighing in and weighing out), internal tank transports and ship loading. This data is now automatically registered in a central database where various checks are carried out. In addition, the system ensures external systems can be connected flawlessly.

A perfect combination

We completed the first phase of COUNT Terminal Automation in April 2019. And it was a success. The development process was entirely dominated by good, intensive cooperation. We have combined the logistics knowledge of the COUNT team with our knowledge of IT engineering and industrial automation. With, in particular: Terminal Management Systems. And that combination turned out to be worth gold.

The end result

There it is: the new COUNT Terminal Automation System. It can be controlled from different workplaces using standard browsers. The advantage of this automated system is that the activities at the terminal in Vlaardingen (and internationally) can be expanded in the future, without increasing the workload for the COUNT team.