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Oils & fats ensure a delicious taste experience

Our southern neighbours in Belgium make French Fries like no other. What is the secret of the excellent taste? Well, a good start is certainly half the battle in this case. The best French Fries start with using the best oils and fats. The aardappel (potato) does not fall far from the tree, because these oils and fats are produced by Aveno in Antwerp. To assure the best French Fries results for consumers, our customer is addressing the key question: how does lipid chemistry contribute to perfect product structures? It should be clear: a delicious portion of French Fries does not just come out of the blue.

From risk of downtime to fully lubricated processes.

Aveno is located in the port of Antwerp: the trade centre of Europe. This is not an unnecessary luxury, they deliver to all of Europe and far beyond from here. This means the factory cannot stand still for a single second. It was high time for an automated machine to make the processes run smoothly. Get to know the ‘Karn’: a machine that doses and mixes various raw materials and additives. The product is then cooled and made ready to be pumped into packaging. An automatic tracing of the raw and auxiliary materials used per batch is essential.

A unique automation solution

Only the best is good enough. Therefore, for the Karn, our experts opted for an automation solution built up using the Siemens PCS 7 system. A unique combination with the Simatic Batch and APF expansion packages ensures automatic order processing and tracking & tracing of the production process. This is special, as is the fact that our experts are trained as APF system integrators.

We have supported Aveno in all areas. To begin with, we held meetings with them to find out how we could get “the most out of the Karn”. With this input, we took note of the operation of the system and then verified it step by step with the customer. As a result, we were able to meet absolutely all of Aveno’s ideas and wishes. A smart move, because only minimal adjustments to the production process and the tracking & tracing reporting were necessary. Naturally, we also took the wishes of our customer into account during the design of the Karn. Moreover, staffing levels remain low thanks to the new Karn. Very efficient.

The result

The moment has finally come, because the new Karn is born. The result is impressive: a control system that controls the complete production of no fewer than five product lines. Any quantity of raw and auxiliary materials used can be traced back to order, batch, date and time level. The operation of the operating system is adapted to the number of users. This ensures a system with a high degree of automation, meaning as few personnel as possible are needed. Thanks to the Karn, Aveno is completely ready for the future. And not unimportantly: this way the world can continue to enjoy the very best French Fries for a long time to come.